Can I use snow guards on my asphalt shingle roof?

If your roof is shingled, we do not recommend using our snow guards because it would take the application of both sealant and fasteners to secure the guards. When this is the case, we cannot guarantee that your roof will remain 100% waterproof. Keep in mind as well that our snow guards are surface-mount snow guards, meaning they cannot be tucked under shingles or panels during installation.

What is the maximum slope of a roof that snow guards can be mounted on?

If your roof is greater than 13/12 slope, we do not recommend using our snow guards. Under these conditions, we cannot guarantee that the snow guards will hold the snow as designed. On steeper roofs, the snow guards are not guaranteed to hold the snow, but they will break it up and prevent avalanches.

How late in the season can I install snow guards?

That depends on the type of sealant you are using if you are not using fasteners. We sell two types of sealant. The SB-190 Everseal can only be applied in 10° C or higher if you want it to cure within 3 days. The Project 1 Neutral Cure sealant can be applied in temperatures as low as 0° C. Colder temperatures typically mean longer curing times. Both sealants must only be applied in dry conditions.

How do I get spacing for my roof?

We provide a spacing form on our website! Go to sno-safe.ca/spacing/ and fill out a form. We will email back to you a document outlining exactly how you should space your snow guards.

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