Sno-Safe Spacing Calculator

Is Roof Material Flat,Rubber,TPO,PVC or Glass? (Answer "No" for Metal Panel Roofing)

If Roof is Flat, Rubber, TPO, PVC or Glass, Panel Span width is automatically 24"

Length of the Eave (in feet)

Panel Span Width (in inches)

Rafter Length from Eave to Ridge (in feet)

Roof Pitch (x/12)

Horizontal Spacing (in inches)

Vertical Spacing (in inches)

Snow Guards Per Row Required

Rows of Snow Guards Required

Total # of Snow Guards Required =

Sno-Safe Spacing Instructions

Start the first row of snow guards 36 inches from the Eave.

(Adjust this number lower to ensure at least 2 rows of snow guards can be installed)

Going up the roof, space each row of snow guards by

Going up the roof, the amount of rows of snow guards required is:

Going across the roof, space each snow guard horizontally by

Each subsequent row should be staggered from the next.

Going across the roof, each row of snow guards would require: