Install Polycarbonate Sno-Safe Snow Guards to Prevent Snow Slides on your Metal Roofs. Protect people, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, HVAC units, and decks with Sno-Safe Snow Guards.


Why Choose Sno-Safe Snow Guards?

Sno-Safe Snow Guards are manufactured with a high quality polycarbonate that is also used for safety glass and bullet proof windows. This material has strength and maintains clarity. The Sno-Safe Snow Guard is designed with a profile that provides maximum snow holding surface area ratio. It incorporates gusseted and thick wall design for exceptional strength.


Key design features make them virtually unbreakable from snow and ice. A UV inhibitor in the polycarbonate prevents discoloration and degradation from damaging sunlight. Sno-Safe has designed square profile grooves in the bottom fastening surface of the snow guard to provide mechanical shear strength when fastened using adhesive silicone. In addition to the adhesive properties of the silicone, these grooves allow the silicone to lock the snow guard to the roof providing significant resistive force parallel to the roofing surface.


Sno-Safe Snow Guards™ prevent damaging snow avalanches on roofs. They work together to function as cleats holding the snow evenly over a roof surface. Sno-Safe Snow Guards distribute snow weight evenly when positioned throughout a roof in staggered rows. As the snow melts the snow guards help to break up the snow into small pieces which shed off the roof. 


Sno-Safe Snow Guards are the perfect snow retention solution for both commercial and residential roofs. A low profile design provides minimal distraction. Can be installed on large commercial roofs, ledges, skylights, and canopies. Sno-Safe is an equally good choice for residential snow guard protection of homes, garages, and barns.


Our Snow Guards Feature a Gusseted and thick wall design for maximum strength. The square channel grooves for adhesive increases shear strength as well.


UV inhibitor prevents discoloration and degradation from damaging sunlight and every snow guard resists temperature extremes; They are virtually unbreakable from snow and ice.

Engineered for Strength - Manufactured With Quality

Watch this Sno-Safe Snow Guard Toughness Demo:


In 2019, Sno-Safe joined forces with us to provide the entire Canadian population the convenience of ordering snow guards domestically. This strategic partnership not only reduces shipping expenses and duties but also expedites deliveries to all corners of Canada.

For our customers based in the United States, we kindly ask you to place your orders directly through our US partners at