Sno-Safe Original Snow Guard – Classic Green

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Sno-Safe Original Polycarbonate Snow Guard – Classic Green Colour

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A high quality polycarbonate snow guard manufactured in our medium green colour. Appropriate for metal, rubber, TPO, PVC, and glass roofs. Square channel grooves maximizes bonding strength.

Shear Load Tested at an Independent Lab:

Holds 1,220 lbf when fastened to a metal roofing panel with SB-190 Everseal Adhesive  only

Holds 2,280 lbf when fastened to a metal roofing panel with SB-190 Everseal Adhesive & screws


Sno-Safe Advantages


  • Attach using adhesive only, screws, or both
  • Square channel grooves for adhesive increases shear strength
  • low profile design provides minimal distraction


  • Gusseted and thick wall design for maximum strength
  • Virtually unbreakable from snow and ice


  • Manufactured with a high quality polycarbonate
  • UV inhibitor prevents discoloration and degradation from damaging sunlight
  • Resists temperature extremes


Square channel grooves for adhesive increases shear strength

Note: Verification with the roofing panel/system manufacturer is recommended prior to installation of snow guards this includes but is not limited to panel loading, fastening and installation details and substrate material/thickness.

Please see the installation guide below.

Use Our Online Calculator to compare quantity and pricing with Original and Wide Snow Guards

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Installation with Adhesive Sealant


SB-190 Everseal Adhesive Sealant

Recommended adhesive for fastening snow guards to metal roofs.
High strength bond that is flexible, durable, and lasting.
One tube of Surebond 190 will fasten 30 original snow guards or 15 Wide snow guards.
IMPORTANT: Needs to cure for 28 days at 10 degrees C or higher to reach optimal strength.

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Project 1 Neutral Cure Adhesive Sealant (For Lower Temperature Installation)

Project 1 Neutral Cure Silicone exhibits excellent adhesion, resists temperature extremes and UV deterioration.
Can be applied in temperatures as low as 0C, however cold weather slows curing.
One tube of Project One will fasten 25 original snow guards or 12 Wide snow guards.

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For TPO Roof Snow Guard Installation

Surebond SB-190 or Project 1 Neutral Cure are not recommended for snow guard installation on TPO Roofing. Please follow the below link to the recommended adhesive sealant to use on TPO Roofing. We do not sell this project directly.

There is also a recommended Primer for TPO Roofing. We have provided a link to this product below as we also do not sell it directly.

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Learn More About Lucas #6600 Universal Sealant